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Getting started

How to register on Coinlocally

  1. Please visit coinlocally official website and click the sign up button on the top right corner.
  2. On the registration page, please follow the instructions and fill in the email address and password that you want to use for your account. If youve been referred to register on Coinlocally by a friend, make sure to fill in the Referral ID (optional).
  3. After filling in your data, click on the【sign up】button. We will now send you a confirmation email to the address youve specified. Please check your inbox to confirm your registration.
  4. Once you've receive the confirmation email, please click on the 【Verify Email】button to confirm your registration.

-For the safety of your account, we recommend you to enable the 2-factor authenticator(Google 2FA or SMS 2FA) in your account.

Getting started

How to use Referral ID

You may log in to your account and in the left part of the login page in dashboard section click 【Referral and copy referral link.】to get your referral link . You can share your referral link to your friends. When the registration is completed with the referral code and start to trade on coinlocally, you will receive the commission fee in real-time! The commission comes from the trading fee of the referred user. As a reminder, bound referral relationship cannot be modified.

Getting started

Failed to refer user

If the referral was not successful or it didn't work as intended, please see if it fits below situation:

  • - The referred user have to use the dedicated referral ID to be able to share the commission with the referrer, if the original referral ID(all-number ID) was used durring the registration, they will not be able to share the commission.
  • - Coinlocally does not allow any self-referral. If such behavior has been detected, all referrals will be canceled and all referral commission will also be canceled.

Getting started

Wrong password

The account password should be at least an 8 digit alphanumeric combination and include capital letters. If you entered the password incorrectly , we would recommend you to change your password. Please click 'forgot password?' in the log-in page to initiate the process.

Getting started

How to log out account?

You may logout your account via below method

  • - Website: Hower your mouse on your account icon on the top right corner of the screen,then click "Log out" in the drop down menu

Getting started


When you want to verify your identity documents in coinlocally , you should click on dashboard and after that click on kyc button, in the next step you can upload a photo from your identity documents such as government issued card or driving licensenor your passport for basic level. In basic level you can withdraw 2 btc daily,but if you want to withdrawal up to 5 btc daily you can choose advance level and upload a selfi from your identity documenets and either upload a photo from gass or electricity bill , after that if you want to withdraw more than 5 btc daily and increase your withdrawal limit ,you can requested it in support ticket section.