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Post Trade

if you want to post trade you should select it from p2p section.

then choose that you want buy or sell something. after that, you should choose your coin type (bitcoin, bitcoin cash, etherum & etc).

your location, country and market.

then you should select your margin. For better learning you can follow below link:


How long dose it take to send or receive crypto using my coinlocally wallet?

It normally takes some minutes which means up to 60 minutes but it depends on the commission fee you pay to send or sender pays and you receive . it can be also in 10 minutes or even less if you or sender pays the highest fee . If your transaction is taking longer than this, please check that the fee is correct.


I don’t have a mobile phone. Can I still buy and sell crypto?

You can buy or sell crypto without having a mobile phone, but there might be some limits to contact with all the advertisements and some trades to. by verifying your phone number you can increase your capacity to contact more users.


Is it possible to change my username?

Currently we do not allow username changes due to security reasons.


Why is my advertisement not showing up?

There are many things that affect advertisement visibility, e.g. your trading history; feedback; account age; advertisement settings and more. If your ad is not showing up please check the following list of common problems.

  1. Do you have Bitcoin in your CoinLocally wallet?

    If you're running advertisements for online payment methods you must have at least 0.04 BTC in your wallet for your ads to show.

  2. My ad is not on the front page?

    Only 6 advertisements per category are shown on the front page and certain high risk payment methods are excluded. You need be an experienced trader with many trades under your belt before your ads will show up on the front page.

  3. My ad is not showing when I search!

    When you search for advertisements the results show a maximum of 15 advertisements, if there are more advertisements that match the search criteria they can be found by clicking the Show more... link and selecting a payment method. When you gain more trade history, more feedback your advertisements will also be shown as part of the first 15.

  4. Check for errors using the ad visibility tool

    If you still can't find your ad there might be some problems with the settings on your advertisement. Visit the public page of the problematic advertisement and towards the bottom of the page you'll find a tool you can use to check for errors that might prevent it from being displayed.

    Click the headings to run a check on your advertisement to see who can open a trade for the ad and who can see it. Any problems with your advertisement not being visible will be shown and explained here.

  5. Open a support ticket

    You can always open up a support ticket to ask for help with advertisement visibility.