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Enable 2FA google

To enable Google 2FA, please install Google Authenticator app on your mobile phone first and refer to following instructions:

  • - PC Webpage: after login to your account, please go to 【Security】
  • -【Google Authenticator】
  • -【Enable】and follow the instruction.


Enable SMS 2FA

If you want to enable SMS authenticator, please check following instruction:

  • - PC Webpage: after login to your account, please go to 【Security】-【SMS Authenticor】,click on 【Enable】,select the nationality of the mobile number, and enter your mobile number and SMS verification code.


Stolen/Cheated funds be transfered into Coinlocally

Currently, Coinlocally supports below types of orders:

If you're the victim of theft and your stolen funds have been traced to Coinlocally, you must open a support ticket

If there is substantial evidence that suggests the funds were indeed stolen, Coinlocally will temporarily freeze the assets.


How to set up anti-Phishing code

The Anti-Phishing Code is a security feature provided by Coinlocally that allows users to add an extra layer of security to their account. Once you have enabled the Anti-Phishing Code, it will be included in all genuine emails sent to you from Coinlocally. This code will help you to discern eal emails from phishing emails, helping you to prevent phishing attempts. Please check the following instructions to setup:

  • - After login to your Coinlocally account, you can find Anti-Phishing Code setting in the security tab. To get started, click on the button labeled “Create Anti-Phishing Code”.
  • - You will now be prompted with a field where you can enter the Anti-Phishing Code that you desire. The code must be a minimum of 8 characters with both uppercase letters and numbers. It is advised to choose a code that is not easily guessed but is easily recognized by you.


Turn on/off Trusted IP

The final step that you can increase your account security is trust IP.

When you do this action and turned on this, any untrusted ip address need to confirmed by you via email link.