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How to trade cryptos?

Let's make an example that you want to buy BNB using USDT. You may use the Coinlocally on your PC website to trade.

  • - PC web page: After logging in, click [spot] - click [Trade] at the top of the page, and select USDT in the menu in top right , select or search for the trading pair you want [BNB/USDT].

coinlocally does not limit user's daily trading volume. The trading fee will be deducted automatically according to the fee structure and the trading volume.

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Exchange trading rules?

If you are not able to place an order, please check following instructions:

  • - The order you want to place does not comply with our trading rules.

If the price of your order is more/less than 500%/20% of the market price, you will not be able to place the order successfully.

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Market/Limit/Stop-Limit/OCO orders

Currently, Coinlocally supports below types of orders:

  • -Market Order
  • -Limit Order
  • -Stop-Limit Order
  • -OCO

There are several situations you need to pay attention to:

  • -There may be a price difference of the actual filled price if your order amount is large. For example, the cheapest limit sell order available will not be sufficient to fill your entire market buy order, so your order will automatically match the following limit sell orders, working its way up the order book until it is completed.
  • -Crypto currency market fluctuates frequently and some times violently. In some cases, the market price reached the price you set but at that time there is not enough volume at the price to fill your order. When this happen, your limit order will be filled partially or sometimes not filled at all (If there are orders at the same price, Coinlocally will fill the order chronologically).
  • -For stop-limit order, If the market is crashing and after reaching the stop-price, there is not enough volume to fill the order at limit price, the order will remain in the market until the price returns to limit price again.

OCO: One cancels the other: To place a stop limit order and a limit order at the same time.

When either of the order pairs is triggered , the other order will be canceled. If one is canceled , the oco pair will be canceled.

Convert: But the last thing in this section is, if you want to trade faster than this options you can click on convert button to trade or convert your coin to each other easily and faster than the other way.

*Exchange trading exception*

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Incorrect Exchange order price

If you cannot place an order, please check the following instructions:

  • - please read what the error message displayed on the webpage
  • - please make sure there is sufficient available balance in your account
  • - If there is sufficient balance

If the order still cannot be placed, please contact our online service and provide the following document:

  • - Screenshot of the order.
  • - Screenshot of the error or exceptions

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Spot order history

After logging into your account, please go to below the spot page to export complete order history.

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Exchange trading history

You can do it like number 1

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How to set up indicators in charts?

If you are using mobile app, the basic function is avaliable such as choosing peroid of Candlestick chart, as well as default indicators.

If you are using webpage, you can insert indicators you want by choosing [TradingView] from the chart and right click at the Candlestick chart to make changes.