Help Sign Up

welcome to our site,

in this part.

when you want open an account in our site, first you click on signup.

then you should enter your information like your (full name, email address, password) and confirm that you are not a robot.

then click signup button.

now you should go to your email account and check it to confirm the link that you have received.

(first check your inbox if it isn't available in your inbox check your spam.)

now login to your account.

Help 2Factor

in this part after that login to your account you should active 2factor for increasing your security.

first you should download authentication application from appstore.

now open the application on your mobilephone and scan the QR code.

then enter the code and click on submit button.

Help Identity

in this part, you should enter your information

Upload your profile,active 2factor and confirm your identity.

identity confirmation needs one of your identification documents

(like your passport or driving license)

for example you should take photo from your passport and upload it.

Now you should wait to support team confirm your information

Help post trade

when you want to post trade you should select it,

then choose that you want buy or sell something. after that, you should choose your coin type (bitcoin, bitcoin cash, etherum & etc),

your location, country and market.

then you should select your margin.

for example if you want to buy or sell faster than always you do, you can use a negative value for buying or selling under the market price.

then select minimum and maximum transaction that you want to trade.

in payment window's section you select minimum payment time (for example 15 minutes).

if buyers doesn't pay within the payment time the trade will be canceled automatically.

next section is payment method.

in this part you should select one of the way that you want receive or pay money.

then you should tell something about your trade.

now you can post your trade.

Help buy trade

let's check it out how you can buy crypto in coinlocally

as you can see in the above of the website you should go to BUY page, after that you must search based on the filters you see there to choose what exactly you want to buy and in which way,

after adjusting your filters click on the SEARCH button, then appears the all advertisments of users who want to sell their crypto based on your search

click on the BUY button to go to trade request page

here you can see some information about trader and how many trades he/she has done on this advertisement and as you find in terms of trade part you will see that in which way you can pay to him and if you do not agree with its terms you can go back to buy page and search again and find better advertisement

anyway to start the trade you must enter how much money you want to pay for the crypto you need, then click on SEND TRADE REQUEST

in the next page there will be some summarized info as step1 in the step you see the confirm exchange button before clicking on it be sure that you have paid to your seller

so before that take his payment details to pay

and after payment click on it

after clicking, it will be changed to I'VE PAID , which means you paid to your seller and now

he must release your crypto after being sure that the payment has received to him

by releasing the crypto you will find the amount you bought in your wallet

congratulation you have done your first trade

good luck